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Overview of Share Market ?

Shares (sometimes called stocks) of publicly listed firms are bought, sold, and issued on the share market, sometimes referred to as the stock market or equity market. It provides a trading platform for financial securities, mostly company stocks, for investors. This is an overview : 

Participants in the market include retail and professional traders, institutional investors (such as mutual funds and pension funds), and individual investors.

Capital Formation: Businesses issue shares to the general public in order to raise money.

Investment Opportunity: By purchasing shares, investors can become part owners of a business and possibly profit from its expansion and success.

Liquidity: Investors have easy access to shares for buying and selling. Investors willingness is important for buy and sell shares in the stock market.

Primary Market: The venue for the issuance of new securities (IPOs, or initial public offerings).

Secondary Market: An exchange between investors for already-existing securities.

Exchanges: Stock exchanges such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) are where shares are traded. Exchanges supply the rules and trading infrastructure.

Risk and Returns: While stock market investing entails some risks (such as company-specific hazards and market volatility), it also has the potential to yield profits through dividends and capital growth.

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What is Stock Market ?

The buying, selling, and issuing of shares of publicly traded corporations occur on the stock market, a bustling financial marketplace. It functions as a trading platform for stocks, which stand for ownership stakes in those businesses, among investors. When they purchase stocks, investors are hoping that their value will rise over time so they may sell them for a greater price and make a profit. On the other hand, stocks may lose value if they decline in value. Because they serve as a gauge of investor confidence and general economic health, stock markets are crucial to the economy. The US’s major stock exchanges, the NYSE and NASDAQ, each have their own listing procedures and guidelines. Knowledge of the variables that impact stock values, such as corporate performance, economic data, and geopolitical developments, is necessary to comprehend the stock market.

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Why New Generation Forward to Stock Market ?

There are several reasons why the younger generation is becoming more interested in the stock market: Our younger generation or investors may make informed decisions in the stock market by having access to a wealth of information about stocks and market trends. For younger generations, stock trading is now easier to access and more comfortable thanks to online platforms and smartphones.In comparison to traditional savings, the stock market may yield higher returns, which is why many youthful investors view it as a way to gradually build wealth. The cause for the shift in the younger generation’s interest in the stock market is financial literacy and investment education, which encourage young adults to get involved in the market early in their careers.

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